In this digital age, event videos are becoming increasingly important for businesses and organizations. As the demand for content increases, video creators are shifting their focus to shorter, more engaging content. 

Short form content, such as those found on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, are quickly gaining popularity as a way to share videos with a wider audience. Short form content is much more engaging for viewers than traditional, long-form video. 

Research has shown that short-form content is more likely to be watched and shared on social media, making it an effective way to promote an event. Additionally, short-form content allows viewers to get a better understanding of what an event is about and what it entails, helping to create a deeper connection with the event. 

Getting short-form content out there about why an event is happening is a great way to turn it into a hybrid event. This type of content not only serves to promote the event, but also helps to create a more meaningful experience for the audience. According to research from the Content Marketing Institute, “Authentic short videos are more effective than longer videos for capturing viewers’ attention and delivering a message.” This shows that short-form content is the better choice for event videos, as it is more likely to engage viewers and create an emotional connection. Additionally, research from the Institute of Business Research and Development has shown that short videos are “more effective at reaching a larger audience and building brand awareness than longer videos.” This is especially true for event marketing, as short videos can be used to capture the excitement and energy of the event and give viewers a better understanding of what the event is about. 

Overall, short-form content is a great way to promote an event. Not only is it more engaging for viewers, but it also allows them to get a better sense of the event and create a deeper connection with it. By leveraging the power of short-form content, event planners can reach a larger audience and create a more meaningful experience for their attendees.

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