User-generated content (UGC) has fast become the darling of innovative marketing plans in the B2B and B2C spaces. UGC – that is, content created without financial incentive by users and consumers about a product, service or brand — is highly valued by both businesses and the markets they serve for its genuine feel and peer perspective. 

While it can be relatively straight-forward and easy on the budget to engage enthusiastic customers to participate in UGC campaigns, video content and the workstreams needed to support the collection and distribution of that content are notoriously difficult to manage. 

Your All-in-One UGC solution

Shoutout Video is a simpler, smarter and faster way to build, request, gather and manage customer created video content. With it’s clean, intuitive administrative interface and fully customizable video templates, no video production experience is required to quickly and easily generate on-brand, distribution-ready voice-of-the-customer video content. 


Shoutout guides administrators step-by-step through the template building process, including:

  • Prompts to upload intro and outro videos
  • Add logos and overlays
  • Select from a library of music
  • Pre-populate social hashtags and handles 
  • Capture metadata such as name, title, company and email address

With it’s simple user interface that includes clear prompts that guide the user through the video capture process, the Shoutout experience is low-pressure and not time intensive for video participants

Once your customer creates a Shoutout Video, it will immediately be accessible to the administrator to: 

  • Allow the customer to share on their own social channels (if required)
  • Re-trim the video ensure content is clean and concise
  • Create compilation videos 
  • Access and export raw video files
  • Share on your social channels through integrations with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube

Shoutout is a groundbreaking, automated shareable video production platform that places your most authentic and relatable sales and marketing voice, your customers, front and centre on your social channels and theirs. Co-creating branded videos using Shoutout let’s you keep it real because the story being shared is your customers, in their own words and in their own way.

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