The basis of hypnosis is simple, put someone in a trance like state that makes them ‘highly susceptible to suggestions’ then make suggestions for positive change.

Rather than the trance itself, I wanted to explore one hypnotic technique that is really useful for marketing and brand awareness. It’s called anchoring

A lot of marketing is based around the process of anchoring: brand awareness campaigns, commercials etc. You simply evoke emotion with sounds, images or story then throw in a brand identity to link the two together. So, in the future when people see your logo, they have the same feeling they did when watching the commercial.

Anything can be an anchor; presenters sometimes use specific areas of a stage to stand on when they want something to land with the audience. Comedy catchphrases become funny without needing any actual jokes. Music is a powerful anchor, in a horror film the music evokes the emotion of fear without needing anything ‘scary’ to happen. 

The best thing about it is that you can achieve all this really easily using ShoutOut. Here are some tips on how to use hypnosis and anchoring to build subconscious connections and awareness of your brand.