As well as ShoutOut being a fantastic way to produce a ShoutOut video, or many other types of video, automatically for your business, there is also ShoutOut cards.

These automated compilation video cards are created automatically to produce a Christmas gift message video, or birthday video or a video for any special occasion.

The Christmas videos were featured in the news section of The Gadget Show on Channel 5.

Jon Bentley, Craig Charles, Georgie Barrat and Otis Deeley.

The team, Otis Deeley, Jon Bentley and Georgie Barrat all seems to like the product and thought it could be the perfect Christmas gift. Craig Charles said ‘It’s a good idea, isn’t it’, Georgie Barrat mentioned she had been making a lot of these videos and it was an easy way to do. ‘Since the show we have had some great feedback from customers, and we are sure that this is a fantastic way to keep in contact during the current pandemic.’ says founder Dan Gable.

ShoutOut cards is even simpler to use than ShoutOut. You choose your branding from the website, pay £9.99, customise your card design, choose or upload music and then send out a link for participants to record on a smartphone.

When all the videos have come in, choose the videos you want to include, trim them if needed and the video is made for you automatically in minutes.