Each year, the number of industry events in urban centres around the world continues to grow, with tradeshows and conferences big and small representing the A to Z of associations and various sized corporations. In addition to vying for attendee registrations, event hosts also face incredible competition in securing sponsors. 

Sponsors are important supporting partners at events. Companies typically invest in sponsorships to access increased brand exposure, attendee data, speaking opportunities and discounted event tickets. Event organisers seek out sponsors to off-set costs via sponsorship fees ranging from modest to six and seven figures, and to add credibility by association. The positive impact of attracting the right sponsors to an event can be profound.

Why use ShoutOut for event sponsorship?

Co-branding opportunities usually top the list of benefits a potential event sponsor is seeking in return for a financial investment. From logos on digital signage and the keynote backdrop, to breakout sessions and cocktail hours, increased brand exposure is a primary motivation for sponsors at all levels. Shoutout is a cost-efficient option for you to offer sponsors several new high-profile co-branding opportunities. 

Realise immediate brand awareness and add a new dimension of mutually-beneficial marketing value for sponsors by using Shoutout’s social network integrations. Quickly and easily enable your event social manager to gather co-branded Shoutout Videos from throughout the venue and share those videos immediately to audiences who may or may not be in attendance.

Add a Twitter-Wall to the physical or virtual event space to stream a steady, prominent real-time flow of Shoutout Videos featuring sponsor logo overlays.

Co-brand the intro and outro segments of Shoutout Videos in order to leverage the credibility of sponsor branding and increase sponsor exposure. Whether you include Shoutout co-branding at all or some levels of sponsorship, or offer this valuable opportunity as a revenue generating add-on, Shoutout is an engaging new marketing channel to add to your sponsor benefit portfolio. 

Shoutout Video is a simpler, smarter and faster way to build, request, gather and manage customer created video content. With it’s clean, intuitive administrative and user interfaces, and fully customizable video templates, no video production experience is required to quickly and easily generate co-branded, distribution-ready video content. Shoutout let’s you keep it real at your next event because the story being shared is your attendees, in their own words and in their own way.

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