The extraordinary and unprecedented events of the COVID-19 pandemic have forced significant changes to the working lives of most. Entire organisations with staff who may have never before worked remotely are pivoting quickly to an entirely dispersed model. 

Teams used to working alongside each other are turning to video conferencing tools such as WebEx, Zoom and Google Hangouts to stay connected, informed, visible and relevant. While these tools are well suited for hosting online meetings and more formal discussions, video conferencing is not the ideal medium for quick, regular video updates from executives and management, colleagues and contractors, all working in a new virtual reality from their homes. 

Shoutout Video is a simpler, smarter and faster way for businesses to provide their newly-remote workforces with real-time updates, key messages and motivational daily briefings. With it’s clean, intuitive administrative and user interfaces, and fully customizable video templates, no video production experience is required to quickly and easily generate distribution-ready video messages that will keep your business connected even when the world has come to a standstill. 

With a link on your smartphone, from the comfort of your home office, Shoutout Video let’s you:

  • Create branded video updates and briefings to employees in any location
  • Send links to senior management teams to record their own messages
  • Record videos instantly from a mobile device via a link; No app is required
  • Request daily or weekly check in videos from employees or teams who may be feeling less visible, or disconnected
  • Create and distribute motivational video montages using captions, graphics and music to highlight team members reporting success in these uncertain times

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